In the News: PvP Biologics and Takeda Deal

January 6, 2017

In a unique deal, PvP Biologics skipped venture funding and brought on pharma partner Takeda in a $35 million agreement to advance a therapeutic candidate, called KumaMax, for celiac disease into clinical trials.

In an interview with MedCity News, President and CEO Adam Simpson said the collaboration arms the startup with the financing and freedom needed to power its science forward.

“We are really excited to announce this development agreement with Takeda, which provides financing from preclinical — where we are today — through a Phase 1 proof of principle study, which is around $35 million.”

Currently, the only treatment available for celiac disease patients is a strict gluten-free diet. KumaMax has the potential to degrade the immune-reactive parts of gluten before they exit the stomach in order to decrease an immune response and reduce the symptoms and intestinal damage associated with celiac disease.

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